My experience accepting crypto payments on my website

Hello there, I wanted to share my experience integrating crypto payments into my website. Some things to note:

  • I used Metafi as my payments provider – in general it was easy to integrate with and I faced very few issues. The support team was pretty helpful and prompt in their responses
  • To my surprise I instantly saw a jump in my conversion rates (went from ~0.2% to ~1%). Most of the new transactions were coming from people living abroad transacting using ETH/BTC
  • I received proceeds of the sales into my wallet instantly, but i wasn’t able to cash out the funds very often since i had to pay exchange fees everytime I did that. However fortunately I was given the option of receiving proceeds in stable coin (tether) so there was no risk of the price of BTC/ETH falling
  • I have received around 5 crypto chargeback requests so far, however I was able to get a favourable outcome on 4 of those occasions. The other time, it seems that the package got lost in transit so I had to issue the customer a refund – this was something i was initially worried about but I would say that having a chargeback option for customers did make them more comfortable in paying through crypto

Overall, I would highly recommend integrating a crypto payment method on your checkout screen, especially if you notice a lot of drop-offs from your international audience. Feel free to post any questions on the comments below!

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