thoughts on .shop or .store (& .blog) extension domains?

launching a new brand… includes ecommerce, blog, and heavy emphasis on social media presence. social media has already developed a pretty large following, but have yet to launch the store or blog.
the .com with my brand's name is available but ridiculously expensive. and I mean, RIDICULOUSLY expensive. it's a premium domain, and is selling for twice the godaddy domain appraisal for it.

maybe the blog becomes profitable, maybe not. it is mostly to supplement the ecommerce and drive traffic.

so my thought is, for the first year or so, to launch 2 different sites… the ecommerce as a .shop and the blog as a .blog. and once the brand becomes profitable, in a year or so, to merge the 2 by splurging on the .com, and in the mean time use the several thousand dollars that .com would cost me and put it into marketing…

but i know that .com's are still, at this time, mostly the way to go. so…

what are your thoughts on a .shop or .store extension for my ecommerce domain?

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