2 Facebook ads, no sales.

Well, I ran two test ads. $5 bucks a day for a week each. Both carousel conversion ads , one with a short 15 second video, the others all photos, first one had some text hitting on key points. I did different targeting on each. First one with a video was targeting based on interest. The second I let facebook do it's thing.

Video ad had 5306 reach with 209 link clicks and 2382 post engagement at .17 cents a click. The Picture ad had 15832 Reach and 265 clicks at CPC of .13 cents and only 269 post engagement. Some interesting results I think.

So to sum that up I had 474 clicks to my site from the ads, and 39 of those went past the landing page to view the product. It shows 2 started check out, but I think one of those was me. So lets say one started check out.

It's a single product website with 3 sub models of the same design, but different materials. It is a fire pit of my own creation, with a price point from $299-$449, free shipping, US manufactured, & lifetime warranty, which puts me in the middle of my direct competition that are of similar in concept. Neither of them do any advertising, and in fact have zero social media presence. There are two other major competitors of the "smokeless" variety. It's little unique in that it makes for a great backyard fire pit, but at the same time is also easily portable for those that like to go on adventures.

I had been simply sending people to the home page due to the simplicity of my website, but I have since made a purpose built landing page for the ads. Hopefully that'll help bring some conversions. I've got no reviews, which I know is a detriment, but kind of need some sales to help that along. I am considering seeing if a few friends would give me some reviews in exchange for a discount or something to get the ball rolling on that end.

Otherwise, the feedback I've gotten from total strangers has been really positive and love the design based off the prototypes I had. So I guess my question is, should I be more patient? Is possibly my targeting bad? Or do you think, based off the numbers, my landing page was the issue.

From what I can tell the ads seem to convert to the website at a respectable rate, but based on what I've read I should have been able to convert that to 2-4 sales. Is it possible that not having reviews could really deter any sales and that my first customer acquisition cost will just be very high to begin with? I have a done a lot of reading, so I suspect I know what answers I might get, but thought I would ask anyway. I'm not really keen on publicly sharing the site, but possibly might link it in a DM if necessary. This is my first foray into ecommerce and my own business in general.

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