Furniture business – which route?

For a while I’ve been considering launching an online furniture business.

I’m talking specifically low-mid range stylish furniture that is dropshipped. I’ve negotiated good pricing, low cost shipping and as they are UK based so fast delivery. However, as I’m looking it seems the industry too saturated to make any sort of dent and are bigger players much more likely to attract people when they see they same thing?

There’s nothing exclusive about the products and many other retailers like Wayfair do pretty much the same thing.

This led me to contact exclusive craftsmen and really high end furniture makers who make modern stylish furniture that’s high end and much more bespoke. It would reduce our range by around 80-90% as we’d only stock a few exclusive products of each type such as cabinets but the price is much much higher and the margins are higher too as it’s pretty much luxury. We’d adjust our marketing and brand too to suit the high end market.

So whilst we couldn’t compete at all on range of choice we could on service and certainly quality by going high end.

Thoughts? Would this cannibalise sales vs going low end?

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