GMC Unsuspended. What to do next?

Hello everyone I am tying to get my GMC approved from last 4 months. But every time it got suspended. But, yesterday it got unsuspended. It literally took 9 days for that review more that Google 7 days maximum time limit. But my products are still disapproved. Why is it so? What to do next? Should I re-upload my feed? Or do I have to make changes on my website before uploading feed? Also, the only thing which is not real on my website is reviews, should I remove them? I am taking every step very precisely and carefully now because I don't want to get unsuspended again. So suggest me what thing should I do next as I want to run shopping ads.

I literally learnt many things about GMC within those 4 months time period.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated.Thank you

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