Looking for help to start an e-commerce. A lot of previous experience.

Hello guys,

Looking for some help here. So, my story begun 18 months ago when I opened an e-commerce for a niche in my country that quickly exploded at the same time as my e-commerce. We went from zero to 6,5m euro in a year, still making around 600-700k a month. I made the biggest mistake, needing some money in the company around six months ago, selling majority to investors. Since then, the fun is gone, the creativeness is fun, but I got a lot of important knowledge and inspiration from this period, though.

I am now looking into a new project with a couple of the team that has been here from almost the start. Together, we are convinced that we can do the journey once again. I am looking for some guidance though.

– We are good at selling other brands. Creating an own brand is not an option. Not dropshipping either. This means we are a retail only.

– We are partly interested in the eSports, Gaming industry, partly interested in cosmetics and skincare. We haven't decided on which.

– The biggest problem we have so far, is the fact that we don't have any idea how to get supplies. In our current niche, all distributors exist in our country, we have personal contacts and we had that from the start. I don't even know where to begin here.

– For example, buying Logitech, Steelseries, Razer and brands like these, how? There doesn't seem to be local distributors and also, there is an overall lack of 'specialists' and niche stores, mostly bigger supermarkets.

– What money would you be looking to bring into a new project? We started with nothing but a good stock at a couple of 10k, but we ran out of money after all. Would it be smart to be taking in investors, do you do that before you launch, or after? I mean, we would want to stock up with 10-12 brands right off the bat to look serious, this is some investment.

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