Sell on Bigcommerce and Etsy simultaneously

I would like to collect thoughts from those who are operating their business on Bigcommerce and Etsy at the same time. So I am selling on Bigcommerce and I have set my eyes on Etsy for a while. That’s why I’m seeking an extension that can integrate my Bigcommerce store with Etsy and list products between these two. I have two product listing requirements in mind below:

  1. I can choose to list certain products from Bigcommerce to Etsy instead of all products each time because it’s preferable not to sell some Bigcommerce products of mine on the marketplace.
  2. I want to list products in bulk from Bigcommerce to Etsy to save time and effort compared to listing one at a time.

I’m excited to learn of a few names here. Thanks for your help beforehand!

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