Should my newsletter signup discount be lower than the dicounts our influencers give to their followers?

We launched a matcha tea brand (mostly ecommerce) about 8 months ago.

On the website you get €5 off on your first order for signing up to our newsletter. Our influencers work with a discount code of 10%. Our best selling/core productrs are priced at €25-€35-€37,5 making the signup discount a better deal than the influencer (at least if you only buy 1 item). However, they can only use this discount once, and the influencer discount multiple times.

In a way the influencer discount could push people to add more producst to the basket, but on the other hand if they just want to buy our core product they are better off with the subscriber discount.

Is it 'bad' to sort of compete with the influencer discount? Am I overthinking?


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