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Hey all! Decided to start posting about TikTok as it's a relatively new platform and an equal playground for everyone.
Here's my 1st post about user generated content for TikTok.

Setting up a business profile and posting organic content is where most brands get started, and it’s really easy to do.

Engagement rates are super high on TikTok, so posting simple but high-quality videos provides a great opportunity to get discovered and grow your followers quickly – especially when following the latest trends.The most unpopular posts are those which make users feel that advertisers are intruding on the good time they’re having on the platform. Ads are easily skippable, so you must understand the community you're talking to and come up with effective communication strategies.

UGC works because it targets two categories of people:
1. the audience likely to buy your products
2. the audience who won’t buy.

That’s something unique compared to other advertising media that specifically targets only those potential customers.

Good UGC Achieves

  • Trust
  • FOMO
  • Desire
  • Communities

If people see other people like them using the product, it creates HUGE social proof.

Highly converting content that works on TikTok includes:

  • Challenges: Ask TikTok users to take part in a challenge using your products as props. That way, you can neatly create FOMO, desire, and a community. The best part of this is that more people will have to purchase your products to use them as props, so they’ll also get to see why your products are high quality.
  • Contests: TikTok contests help people stand out and win something they’ve wanted for a long time—whether that’s recognition or a palpable prize.
  • How-to videos: These looping videos create desire and showcase your products; plus, they’re very entertaining.
  • Unboxing videos: Gets people involved with emotion when they see happy people etc.

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