Which eCommerce platform can handle multiple legal entities?

We are based in Europe, and we sell mostly in US and EU. Due to legal requirements, we have a local company setup in USA.

So, for all legal purposes, these are two companies (one in US, one in EU) that run two separate operations. But, our audience is global and we would like to create one eCommerce platform that can handle two locations seamlessly.

To elaborate, when customer is from US, they see US inventory and their payment is processed via US payment processor. Their shipment is handled by US fulfillment operations. But, if they are from EU, they see EU inventory, taxes, payment processor and fulfillment.

Is there a platform that can do this? Or we better off just making two different sites? and ?

Edit: To give an example, if you go to from US, you get the site for USA. When you go to from Germany, you go to and then if you buy, to I am sure the US shop and German shops belong to different legal entities and built on different fulfilment networks. Is there a similar solution available for small businesses?

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