Ecwid question.

Hi! I am using ecwid in the Netherlands. Yourhosting has build in this software in their own environment.

It works fine for me, but one thing I don’t like is that the shopping cart is below the product and categories.

I saw on YouTube that something used this code:

/* Reorder main storefront elements — BEGINNIG. / / Switch the store content wrapper's container from "block" to "flex" to be able to rearrange its child elements */ .ec-size .ec-store .ec-store__content-wrapper { display: flex; flex-direction: column; }

/* Adjust the order property to change the order of child elements. /* The order property specifies the order of a flexible item relative to the rest of the flexible items inside the same container. */

/* Specify the position of the footer. */ .ec-size .ec-store .ec-footer { order: 1; }

/* Specify the position of the product details section. */ .ec-size .ec-store .product-details { order: 2; }

/* Specify the position of the page title and breadcrumbs. */ .ec-size .ec-store .ec-page-title { order: 3; }

/* Specify the position of the product grid. */ .ec-size .ec-store .ec-grid { order: 4; }

/* Specify the position of the pager. / .ec-size .ec-store .ec-pager { order: 5; } / Reorder main storefront elements — END. */

When I use this code it works! Lovely! But in places also the related products above the rest.

Can someone help me?

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