Site Review Request: personalised protein subscription (Australia)

Hi r/ecommerce

I launched my new store two weeks ago and have put about 100$ worth of search ads to stress test it and give me an opportunity to review hotjar, GA, etc to see if there were any bottlenecks or UX issues.

The premise is that we digest answers from our quiz and personalise a protein subscription based on diet, weight, height, and health goals. I think this is a unique take on protein and not just another supplement store.

The concept has been market research tested at a similar price point.

I've reviewed all the sessions and people seem to engage actively with the site, get close to sale but not close the deal.

My guesses are are:

  1. The USP isn't clear enough

  2. People need more time to convert (I'm not retargeting at the moment)

  3. Cost is prohibitive (but it's in line with similar quality protein brands

  4. Trust is too low

  5. Brand isn't resonating with target market

I'd appreciate some feedback on the site experience so I can plan some updates for this weekend.

Stack: WordPress with custom js quiz Sendiblue for campaign automation Stripe for checkout Plugins: Trustpilot and customforms


Thanks in advance!

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