Automatic Tracking Info Relay

Hey all. I have been running my store now for almost 2 months and things have been going very well. My only problem is that I have been so busy and my fulfillment method (custom product dropship) is so strenuous that I have not had time to relay tracking info to my customers unless they reach out to me. I know this is a big problem so I want to get it addressed.

The tracking info is sent to my email from my supplier and as of right now I would have to manually relay it back into Shopify. This is not too big of a deal, but I plan on scaling pretty hard soon and I think it would be tough to keep up sooner or later. Are there any apps or ways I can work out with my supplier where the tracking info is directly relayed to my customer with no intervention on my end. I want this to be as seamless and streamlined as possible. Any advice is welcomed!


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