PoD with more products or focus on a few quality products/bulk order

Starting an e-commerce brand, mainly shirts. It’s a surf/skate/ski brand. I’m at a tough point though. I was originally going the classic PoD route and cranking out designs left and right (store hasn’t officially launched yet). But now I’m having doubts, especially when it comes to quality control. If i do get some sales and the print quality is poor, it’s going to destroy and legitimacy. There’s also the low margins which I’m not super worried about, in the beginning at least.

Then i got to thinking about going the bulk order/local screener route where I can save some money and have better QC. But going this route i would be very limited as I’d have to purchase inventory up front

Do you think it’s better to start with PoD where i can have 20+ products and just see what designs seem to sell, or should i really focus on mastering 4-5 quality pieces and bulk ordering?

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