Can I get some feedback on my website?

I sell used vinyl records for a living on the Etsy platform and have been testing different ways to generate leads recently (since the entire business revolves around buying other peoples old records).

One of these methods that surprisingly worked for a little bit was just running cut and dry Google/FB ads that linked to my landing page where interested people could fill out a basic form so I can contact them.

My initial landing page was a crappy looking (but free) Mailchimp landing page that didn't look pretty but got the job done. Then a month ago I cut that landing page off and got a Squarepsace site. I've been running identical ads this whole last month, and have started testing different demographics/regions with separate ads, but leads have declined MASSIVELY. The current site has above a 90% bounce rate, and I will be lucky if I receive one or two submissions a week (I used to be getting 2-3 a day when I was on the shitty Mailchimp landing page)

It's discouraging since it took me some time to design the Squarespace site, not to mention the additional cost of the domain/subscription to their services on top of increasing my monthly spend on ads. I've been tweaking the site here and there to see of anything changes, but nope.

So I figured that I must be missing/overlooking something with the site, or maybe it just comes off too "scammy", I have no idea, hence why I am asking more experienced people to critique it. After all, selling on Etsy (successfully) has not required any website design so I really have no clue what I am doing with this landing page.

So let me hear what I'm doing wrong, please do not hold back.

Here is the link to the landing page

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