how do you do it????

so im trying to start shopify. but every move seems to be an uphill battle. even the smallest details. and zero customer service to help. a few days ago i ended up getting some guy from overseas to hack my computer just to link my url to shopify.

so im wondering, do others who make online store have uphill battle the whole time, or does it seam easy?

as an example,,,, i just made a paypal account to link to shopify. a message on shopify says i need to link from paypay. paypal said i need to link from shopify. eventually after 3 hrs of trying paypal online chat, person told me they sent me email and need to verify. after 3 hrs, no email recieved. now i cant get anyone on chat?

so i thought i would try credit card details on shopify. i cant see any option for that. been a few hours trying online chat, which doesnt work. callback service keeps disconnecting.

im pulling my hair out.

why cant they just make this stuff simple????

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