Help, shipping is getting out of hand, I lost money on an order today: USPS US (Pennsylvania) to Canada (Calgary, AB) is $14.11 for a 3oz 10″x6″ poly envelope containing a single art print and some chipboard to keep it rigid. Is this right? I used to ship these for $5-7 last year via paypal USPS.

If anyone has experience shipping flat items from US to Canada, please advise! I feel like something must be wrong, I'm aware of rate increases but can't find anything to suggest I should have expected to pay 100% more.

Basically, it's no longer profitable for me to ship art prints to Canada at the rates I'm getting – and they've always been the least expensive international destination for me. Was there a price hike that explains why I'm paying double?

Two years ago I was paying $4-5, last year it was $5-7 and now after paypal switched to shipstation, I've been using pirate ship and everything has been fine until my first Canada shipment on the platform – $14.11 to ship basically a flat paper item in a poly envelope. That's basically double what I was paying only a few months ago.

Any help is appreciated!

Package Details

Package Type: Envelope, Padded Envelope, Poly Bag, Soft Pack, or Box in a BagDimensions: 10×6"Weight: 3 ozFree Online Delivery Confirmation

Going from (roughly) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania US to Calgary, AB Canada

Edit: I'm open to suggestions, my only requirement really is that the method includes tracking.

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