What was one change you made to your marketing tactic that successfully increased sales?

I launched my streetwear brand a year ago and was able to scale from $2,000 a month in sales to $20k a month in one year, bringing me to my first $100,000+ in sales in 365 days. The first 6 months were very stagnant with no to slow growth, but there was one change I can directly attribute to a successful increase in growth and sales which was….YouTube reviews!! After doing a customer survey, I found out that 75% of my customers look for reviews OUTSIDE the website and the number one spot they go is Youtube to see others thoughts/opinions. While having Youtube reviews of your products are great on Youtube, to me the best benefit was that Youtube reviews will populate Google search results of your brand! Essentially, when someone googles your brand name, any Youtube reviews will populate the search adding relevant “content” to your search page. The Youtube reviews displaying on my google search results helped legitimize the brand because everything displaying on my google search results isn’t just all content from the brand website. Its social proof! Plus, give your Youtube reviewers a discount code to share to their subscribers and its a sweet little recipe for success. Has anyone else done this or made any other successful marketing changes?

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