How many variations should you start with for a Print On Demand business?

I'm trying to start a Print On Demand business selling skins for electronics with unique pixel art designs. I'm thinking of starting with phone cases and mousepads, but perhaps branching out to other stuff in the future.

I'm not willing to invest too much into this as I'm still a beginner learning e-commerce. I've already spent money on a website, and currently researching online artists on fiverr, upwork etc. for designs to put on my products.

Since pixel art is already a niche, I'm not sure if I should focus on a specific type/theme of pixel art or keep it varied. I'm also wondering how many designs I should get for each product. I don't want to make my store seem empty, but I also don't want to spend too much. How many products do people who just started a POD business usually sell?

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