Few tips on how to partner with influencers on a commission/affiliate model

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I am a freelancer working on managing influencer campaigns for brands. I get a lot of queries and they usually say that we are not willing to pay any upfront money and only pay commissions per sale.

Seems reasonable but the creators don't agree. They would outright reject the idea. So, is this even possible? Yes, but with a few contingencies. I am sharing these ideas after working on this model for a few brands.

  1. Target micro-influencers (5k-50k), it's tough to convince 250k influencers to promote solely on commissions especially if you are not a well-known brand. It's not a hard and fast rule, just to get quick results, get started with nano ones, and move your way up to the big influencers.

  2. Have a convincing offer so that they would see the value in promoting your product. $5/sale isn't good enough. Examples of some good offers- digital products- $10-$20/signup, $50-$150/converted customer(depending on your LTV), physical products- 15-20%/sale. Remember this no. seems high but it's worth it considering you are getting a new customer without any marketing budget. You will generate many more sales in the future just by writing off a one-time fee to the influencer.

  3. If you do have some budget, then go with a combination of upfront+commission. And here you can target some big influencers as well like 100k-500k.

  4. Once you have a few promotions under your belt then include that in your pitch while reaching out to more influencers. It's social proof that others are doing it so I might also give it a try.

  5. You do have to increase your prospect list. If you are getting 10 partnerships from every 100 influencers for an upfront budget, then with the commission model you would only get 3-5 interested prospects.

It's not about what's best for you but the value it brings to both the parties is what makes the partnerships successful in the long run.

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