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Hi Guys

My wife & I run a small ecommerce business in New Zealand selling watches. We basically have 3 components to each SKU.

– Watch Face (6 options)

– Watch Strap (15 options)

– Packaging (2 options)

Previously we have ordered these as one sku but with prices and MOq's rising from our supplier as well as having a lot of slow moving stock its a lot better for us to just purchase more popular strap colours and utilise the Watch faces we already have in stock.

We are currently using Xero accounting to track all our inventory but it has got really messy, our poor accountant is pulling her hair out and its not good for our inventory control!

Does anyone have any suggestions for inventory management software that integrates with Xero/Shopify and can use assemblies/components etc. Dear inventory would work for us which I've used in a previous manufacturing business but price wise is a little out of our league. Looking for something <$100NZD/month if possible.

We would like to be able to assemble at the time of order rather than making say 10 up at a time and doing a stock transfer.


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