Media company for driving ecom growth in 2022?

CONTEXT: Over the last 2 years, my biz partner and I built a 7 figure eCom brand and recently launched a 6 figure run rate eCom brand. We’re launching our 3rd and final brand this weekend. These brands are all targeting the same market segment (stylish young Millennial / older Genz men that are into fashion/grooming).

We’re considering launching a media company with the cash generated by the brands to drive future sales / awareness for the 3 brands. In other words, create a content machine that drives organic exposure to our brands. The content will naturally be about men’s fashion, style, hair, beard, scent, other gentlemanly-type stuff)

I know the content landscape has changed quite a bit in the last 3 years – I’m curious to find out if anyone has media company / digital journalism exp to shine some light on effective approaches for getting this plan kickstarted in mid 2022. Our budget would probably be around 100k-200k/year.


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