We can handle it quickly if you pay us an extra $50. What is the purpose of this?

I was buying a piece of electronic equipment from a fairly popular website. At checkout, they gave me a choice. Pay $50 and we shall send it out tomorrow or pay nothing and wait 1 week before we ship it.

The device costs $250.00 and its the leading product in the industry, competitors are about the same, but they don't get glowing reviews. The one I bought even had celebrities praising it.

So, if I understand e-commerce, ship as fast as possible and cut through the red tape. The company I bought it from obviously have stock and can answer yes to that with instant proof if I have $50 to spare so it's not exactly a stock issue.

If I did this to my customers, they would abandon me in a heartbeat. The whole thing felt off. This has made me wonder, is this corporate arrogance and a money-grab, or is there something I am missing?

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