Advice required for Dynamic pricing systems for e-commerce website

Hi, I’m a furniture designer and manufacturer and have commissioned a firm to design and develop my e-commerce website. The brief that I had supplied them with was for an website with one or two customisable categories for the final product page. For example – if a customer is viewing a drawer unit the page there should be two categories with multiple options that material and dimensions, each category will have two to three options. As the customer is deleting the options the price on the page will change respectively.

So here comes my problem, at the time of proof reading the scope of work provided by the firm I didn’t know there was a difference in “pricing” and “dynamic pricing”. Since this is not a part of the scope I may have to bare addition charges.

My question to this community – is the firm right in asking me for an additional fee or are they taking me for a ride?

Note: I am a furniture designer and manufacturer and have only some knowledge in the terms and definitions used in design and development of e commerce websites.

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