Coming to America

Hi I've a couple of very basic questions if I could please get some help.

I have a business in the EU that I am expanding over to North America in the form of an online presence based in Va. So I understand I will have a Nexus (I believe is the term you use) in that state.

  1. I have a company number (I think). I have a number that allows me to give to US suppliers so that I can but from them and resell. Q. – In the EU you can only write and invoice if you have a valid VAT number. Is this "resellers number" (as I am calling it) the same type of thing or do I need to get a more formal trading number from the state in which I am physically located in order to "write" an invoice?

  2. What is the tax year in the US. Is It 1/1 to the 31st of the 12?

  3. I presume the best paid local source for information would be an appointment at a HR Block? Am I right or wrong?

  4. Bit more tricky one here. Can I set up a bank account in the US with a US business but foreign (European) owner?

Any other bits of info would be greatly appreciated. I would have a good knowledge of process and how taxes work in Europe so I should be able to understand the US system if it's examined to me once.

Thanks everyone. Happy St Patrick's Day to any Irish out there in the US helping me 🙂

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