Fiverr Product Adding

TL;DR: I paid someone to add 500 products to my store, prices were wrong.

Okay, so I just came here to get some stuff off my chest with my site.

Adding products is PAIN!! I hired someone on Fiverr to add a couple hundred products but the problem was that there was no way to verify that all the prices were correct or that I had the right shipping cost (or if I was charging shipping at all). Now I'm stuck with like 600 products and I need to go through every single one of them before I can confidently open my store back up. It's the one thing that's holding me back and keeping me from opening up my store again.

Lesson Learned: Be VERY careful when hiring someone to add products for you on Fiverr. I had opened my store up to orders before checking to see if my prices were correct and got a flood of orders– most of which I lost money on. It was a customer service nightmare too. All in all, I think Fiverr has some great services for product adding, but you should make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

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