what documents are needed to operate a business in the US

As the title asks, what documents are needed before I can be fully operational with a business in the US.

I have TIN/EIN number.

Do I need anything else? Do I need to get a company number in the state that my stock will be shipped from?

Basically I have to have the correct registrations in order to be able to buy stuff free of sales tax (the stuff I am reselling) and be able to charge sales tax when appropriate. (my sales will be very small for the first year so I don't need to worry about the stuff that goes with large sales volume into other states)

For instance. In Europe a business needs a VAT number. And and EORI number Vat being your company number and your licence to charge and claim and make vat returns.
EORI being the number needed to process imports/exports but it's linked to your vat number.

TL:DR- I have an EIN number. What other registrations do I need.

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