Address Blacklisted? E-commerce retailer cancelled my order claiming my address is blacklisted

I hope this is the correct place to ask, if not please direct me to a more suitable sub.

I placed an order with an online retailer the other day and a couple hours later I get an email that the order was cancelled and refunded. I emailed customer service to ask why my order was cancelled and this was their reply:

“Unfortunately your address is on a shared ecommerce blacklist, likely due to a charegeback/fraudulent order in the past. We are not able to ship there due to our own risk preventions.”

I have never issued a chargeback or committed fraud. Nor have I ever had a retailer deny my business. When they say “your address” do they mean my physical address or my IP address that is supposedly blacklisted? My physical address is a rental home, so I’m not responsible for the actions of other people who’ve lived at my address in the past.

Is there a way to find more information out about this issue? I’m really frustrated about my order being denied and basically being banned as a customer for no reason.

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