Ecommerce website feedback request – how to start driving traffic? Or not yet?

Hi there!

We're starting up a skincare shop here in the UK called! We've just launched and are bootstrapping so unfortunately a lot of products are out of stock at this point however the plan is to flesh out the inventory over the next few months.

We have not spent a penny on ads yet because so many products are out of stock so traffic has been almost non-existent at this point and of course no sales except to friends and family. We are using WooCommerce as our ecommerce platform at the moment and are using this plugin to generate a google feed to upload to free google listings. The traffic from here is extremely low however!

We're looking for feedback on the site and also ideas on how to drive a little traffic during these early days!

I'm sure google shopping ads would perform well for us, however I am much less confident about Pinterest/Facebook or Instagram ads, although our target demographic would be most active here, they won't be necessarily actively shopping. The other big potential platform to try out would be TikTok however again, this is not where my skills lie, although I think there's a lot of potential here!

Thanks for taking a look and any feedback is greatly valued 🙂


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