First time buyers wanting discounts on one of purchases because they are ‘re-sellers’

Can anyone explain to me if I’m acting like an asshole?

We run an engineering tool e-commerce and warehouse shop type set up selling speciality tooling for lathes , milling machines , taps & dies and a bunch of speciality cutting equipment for machinists.

At least once or twice a week I get someone calling up asking for a price and availability of an item, which they are already looking at themselves online our shop.. but ok I understand if you want to clarify the item is still in stock and ready to be shipped. But then they pop the question : “I’m a reseller what’s my price “?

So they are looking at buying a one off item they can’t find for their customer and because our Google search is set up expertly (go me) we are always first on the list especially for hard to get shit. They spot us and then want to buy it so they can resell it on and make money for themselves . That’s OK. I have ZERO issue with that; but what makes them feel entitled to just drop the “im a reseller” to try and get 30% off something they are planning on buying 1 of?

Now if someone is wanting a decent qty of something I’m willing to do some sort of bulk discount – but we are the ones that have to pay all the cost of acquiring the stock. Shipping container prices are so f’d at the moment , and then there are duties and other associated costs with bringing the goods in . Why do we have to cop that and selll something we sell at our normal price all the time to someone so we can make $10 off an item when we can make the full $30?

I can’t just walk into a hardware shop or a car dealership and say ‘ hey I want one of these but I’m gonna resell it, can I get 30% off?”

To me it doesn’t make sense, we are a direct to consumer business and we nowhere at all advertise we are wholesale . We even have a big blog post which has had 10000,s of views explaining that we do not accomodate re-sellers unless you are actually buying a decent amount and are a repeat customer.

Has me scratching my head sometimes and at the end of the phone convo when I tell them I can’t offer you more than 10% off for the qty1 of the $60 itme your looking to purchase and sell for $130 makes me feel like I’m an asshole or doing business wrong

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