Looking for feedback on a project I’m working on

Hi, I'm currently building a project and would like to get some feedback from a business community.

The project allows paying invoices with crypto. From a consumers perspective the service works like this:

  1. They receive an invoice they can pay with a bank transfer;
  2. They send us the crypto;
  3. Our partners pay the invoice to the vendor.

I see the following benefits for a business to use such a service:

  • You can attract people who earned capital in crypto;
  • You can attract people from other jurisdictions who might have troubles with cross-border and foreign currency payments;
  • You can accept crypto but still invoice in your native currency; less overhead for accounting;
  • No need to maintain an additional payment gateway.

So the questions to the audience are:

  • are there any cons or roadblocks to using such a service from a business point of view?
  • would a business benefit from some kind of partnership with such a service? We're currently exploring various options, including referral programs.

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