Which help desk/customer service app are you using for your store

I am in charge of our brand and as our business continues to grow, we really need an app to help us manage Instagram messages, emails, phone calls and texts. We used Tidio which is pretty affordable, I like the design and there is also a separate chat page where anyone who has the link can talk to you directly. However, it sucks when you receive a large amount of messages. I am currently switching to Gorgia, which is a very powerful help desk. You can manage everything on one page, even edit the order. But the Gorgias are so expensive — like, $60 for 300 tickets? I used over 100 tickets per day, but if I upgrade it, it costs me over $300 per month and it is way over the budget.

I just want to know how you guys are managing emails, messages and online chat.

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