Do You Know Why Custom Web Design Still Worth It?

It's well know that web development and even web design has developed new tendencies in recent days, like frameworks for Ui development in JS and other languages and more other like this, that wants to automatize the process of creation of a website or app. But those solutions are short term because at the end, a company will need a custom website to include all features and create a design according to brand identity, also developing big websites in such frameworks lead to confusing and unclear code due to the fact that isn't yours, also when finding bugs or malware in commerce systems, etc it's, gonna be difficult and it will take more time than necessary because of that fact.

A custom design can take more time and a little more of money but will worth it at long term because the code made is indeed yours, you drive the planning phase, all features you request it'll be included and it will contain your brand identity, totally customized as your wish.

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