Furniture Stores With Dick References?


So my partner and I recently moved house and are searching for a new bed online.

In the space of an hour we stumbled upon multiple e-commerce Furniture sites with serious references to a Penis in their title and logo.

My gut tells me this has somthing to do with sales and conversions considering how bloody numerous it seems to be.

I can't for the life of me figure out what the hell it is though? Anyone know?. . . For example.

One of them was called "Big Mickey".

When I clicked in there was literally a logo of a red dildo with a face and the caption was "Dont worry" it's not what you think. Tongue in cheek reference.

My partner sent me a link to another one about 10 minutes later that their logo was shaped exactly like A penis and balls.

Anyone experience anything like this or is it just Ireland 😅

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