Basic functionality of ecommerce platform in 2022

Hello Everyone,

In the near future we are launching an ecommerce platform, which is distributed free of charge. The platform is aimed to cover operations of Small/medium single store and run the website in the shortest time possible; it is targeted at teams and single developers and the goal is to provide the best experience for end-users of the platform who are usually entrepreneurs.

In a time when frameworks dominate site construction it could be quite strange to run another one PHP-based platform. The reason for this is that the new platform is inherited from a main enterprise level project. We thought that if core ecommerce processes are perfectly organised and packed in one solution it needs to be shared with a community.

Well, this could lead us to a blind zone where no one understands why we need another Woocommerce or OpenCart. Therefore I’d like to ask for a little help from those of you who create/operate or used to build websites using one of the free tools. Yep, it could look like an interview 🙂

Because of the Sub rules I don’t want this post to be promotional, but we could start a little discussion here;

Answers to following questions could help all of us to see what features any basic ecommerce tool needs in 2022:

  1. What are the recurring issues within development of ecommerce website you are facing?
  2. Solution of which problem was a time/resource consuming? Why?
  3. In the project you are working on, what problem has no solution yet?
  4. Did you choose the platform or was it a project requirement?
  5. If you are working on an e-store at the moment and it is created on a paid platform, what triggered you to choose the paid product?

Please drop even a short answer if you have something to say. And I appreciate anyone who is interested in a private interview (feel free to DM me) or in getting a new tool for testing. I will be happy to send a link when the version is ready.


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