How do I know when to start?

Hi everyone, i am a 20yo student who has found some free time before continuing school.

I have been reading up about ecommerce, and watching a lot of youtube videos to learn more about dropshipping. I am interested in venturing out into dropshipping, but i just cant get over the thought of how much i need to know about business, ecommerce, dropshipping, shopify, etc. before i begin my journey and invest money into it.

I am worried that i may jump in too early, but at the same time, there is so much to know that it is quite hard for me to possibly feel “adequately knowledgeable”.

1) Have any of you faced such similar issues before, and if you did, how did you tackle them?

2) Also, what are some useful resources out there that helped you out?

Thank you so much!

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