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Good morning guys and girls, I’m in the process of starting an e-commerce brand and have laid out the fundamentals. I’ve found my niche, and want to source a product that is produced solely in a town where my parents originate from. I’m not looking to hop on the latest trend but instead sell something that I’m passionate about and have researched the demand in the USA and noticed a gap where the demand is there but nobody else is sourcing these products besides cheap Chinese knockoffs. The product is niche but produced by multiple manufacturers.

I’ve contacted the majority of these manufacturers but the ones who replied say they only export within the European Union.

How can I entice them to export into the United States?

And more importantly, for those of you who do import products into the United States, how does the process look like? Do you use some kind of middle man who handles the import process? Does the manufacturer handle the export/import process? Any pointers on this dilemma of mine would be very helpful.

Thank you guys and enjoy your weekend!

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