High Traffic to Blog Post – How should I convert to sales

The past couple weeks, my website has been getting a lot of traffic. Finally, my SEO work had paid off the past couple of years… According to google keyword planner, the traffic for this keyword is 10k-100k. Competition is High.

I am #4 on google search for two of the main keywords. It leads to a blog post about pros and cons about this certain product. I am getting 500 visitors a day and ONLY .11% conversion broken out as follows:

  1. .31% added to cart
  2. .25% checked out
  3. .11% converted

It leads me to believe that people are only going to my website for information gathering. My blog post has a "buy now" banner in the middle of the article. I also have a pop up for 10% off if their e-mail is provided.

The conversion is horrible and wanted to get your thoughts on how I should convert better? Is there a way I can retarget them via social media?

Should I add more copy to the article or a video? I am afraid this may impact my google ranking if I change the blog post too much.

If I can just convert 2% can lead me to a minimum of $10k a month in sales.

Thanks in advance!

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