Advice or feedback about my store and also branding ?

Hello, My background is that I am an illustrator with no experience in e-commerce or marketing. I used to make floral designs for invitations and fabric and stuff like that, but I always wanted to make prints for women's clothing – floral dresses and scarves. I just opened a print on demand store a few months ago and have had no sales.

I put out several Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest ads and also tried a Google ad as well. I got pretty good clicks on the ads, but once people get to my site they bounce. I had a review by a marketing expert and they gave me lots of feedback to improve my website. I decided to try Etsy. And it's more time consuming that I realized and have a learning curve there too. I have been trying to build up social media with very little luck. I have spent lots of money buying clothes samples and trying to take better photos of the clothes and finding it difficult to get quality photos.

I was going to try to optimize my website and get my etsy shop up and running before running ads again. But I'm am wondering if this is just a losing battle. No matter how optimized my website is, maybe I should be marketing myself as an artist rather than trying to be a clothing boutique? Since I am only offering clothes that are POD, it seems I have to make it more about people buying the design that is printed on the clothes than the actual clothes. Otherwise I can't compete with other clothing stores.

But since my art is romantic floral designs rather than a more niche designs, that makes it really hard to advertise for or find the exact audience that likes my style of art. I started thinking if I want to sell POD clothing I need to start shifting my floral designs to incorporate more niche elements that people might be searching for like birds or tigers for example. Does anyone have experience making a clothing brand with print on demand with floral designs?

I'm not sure what direction to take in redoing my website and marketing. All this is taking up all my time and energy. I don't even have time for creating any art at this point – which was my original goal. As for now, I am focusing on revamping my website and getting some products into my etsy shop. If anyone has any thoughts about how I should approach this business or how I should improve my website ( ), I would appreciate it so much! Sorry for the long post.

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