Best POD for Pet Apparel?

I just started a POD shop, selling a range of products mostly tees/sweatshirts and I currently go through Printify. But I want to offer pet apparel so people like me who spoil their pets can get matching stuff!

I’m pretty satisfied with the quality of their pet bandanas, however their pet tanks are trash. They do DTG printing but the material is ribbed, so it looks like the design is already coming off. Additionally, the tank material stretches out very easily, and my dog got maybe 2 days of wear before it was stretched too big. Granted, it was a little big to begin with but not falling off like it started to do after 2 days. Not to mention the size of the design on the mock up was DRASTICALLY larger than the size of the design on the actual product.

I’ve checked Printful and they don’t have anything except a dog tag. I integrate with Shopify but if I find a good print provider that didn’t integrate for pet apparel I’d be willing to do the extra work. I found a few other websites that sell pet products but I can’t find many reviews and I don’t have the resources to order a bunch of samples from various websites.

What are some good print providers that do POD for pet apparel, specifically dog shirts/tanks?

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