Had a facebook expert meeting today… thoughts.

In summary, plain garbage and the most unproductive 35 mins of the week.

Let me summarize a couple of the interactions:


Expert: It's an auction based system, so you will have to add budget to stay competitive

Me: Cool how much?

Expert: Uhhhh….. it's very hard to tell probably $20 a day / campaign.


Expert: The quality of your creative is considered when ranking and pushing ads

Me: Cool, what makes a good quality ad?

Expert: Uhhhh….. well, catchy pictures and phrases so the people feel encouraged to click.


Expert: What's your goal?

Me: Conversions, traffic and engagement with my IG page.

Expert: Then I recommend a conversions traffic and engagement campaigns.

Me: I see…. any best practices for success?

Expert: Have good budget, good creative and an audience smaller than 10M but bigger than 2M (probably the only non-ambitious thing he said)


WTF Facebook? You're one of the largest companies on the world and the vast majority your revenue comes from Ads. I think investing on real experts even if you charge a small fee / conversation would be beneficial for absolutely everyone. He probably was reading a script. He also told me I didn't have a pixel active and went into shopify and business manager and looked fine, then he said oh yes it seems fine just finish the set up… I ask ok what's needed? and the response was: Sorry I don't know the answer………

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