Need some help here.

Hey everyone. So I’ve been taking a stab at this whole space for a while and finally found a nice little pocket.

To keep things short I am an independent freelancer working on commissions. I specifically sell ad space.

These boomers want me to cold call all day but I ain’t havin that. I am trying to set up a FB business page where I can have 2-3 of my friends log in and scout for leads with texts I format to warm them up. Then I can close from there no problem.

If someone could just run me through the basics and technicals of how to track everyone’s progress through a Facebook business page it will be much a appreciated.

Shameless plug: my agency has golf courses contracted all across the us so if one of you have a remote service to offer I could get it promoted and the pricing is actually ridiculously cheap compared to fb and google ads. (If this parts an issue I’ll edit it out I don’t really need the sales I just thought some value to some peoples business/service )

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