Regulations for selling tobacco products online (MA)

I have invented a product that I'm not sure of the legalities for selling online/in stores. The device is for smoking but does not include any tobacco as it is just a specific type of pipe, not a bubbler or water bong. I have reached out to a local lawyer in my state (MA) but they estimated over $1500 for just the research and I can't afford to spend this at this time.

What licenses or permits do I need to see smoking accessories online and wholesale?

Am I permitted to sell only in the USA or internationally, and if I want to sell internationally do I need any additional permits or licenses?

What can I say versus what I cannot say on my website, meaning are there words or things that I should not be using on the website.

Essentially I just don't want to be shut down by not knowing I'm violating some law. I definitely want to be legit.

Thank you!

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