Is a .47 Click through Rate any good?

I've got a Cost Per Click (CPC) of A$ 0.10 , 43000 impressions, 202 clicks, 0.47% Click Through Rate (CTR) and 0 conversions. All in 24 hours and about A$20.

Explain my metrics to me.

What's the first thing you would say? (especially if ur a vet or just really familiar with good metrics)

I can see it's my site that's the problem. But is a 0.47 CRT good?

I'm sure my ads are pulling their weight as I have kept it to Automatic Targeting on Tiktok Business Center and so the targeting aspect is not a factor in these metrics.

My ads are also outsourced from the best, and have come out really nice.

I'm just not sure how to course correct as I don't have FB Ads available right this second (i'm in support's email folder as they resolve an issue for me) and my TikTok Business Center only has a select few destinations excluding North America as well as Europe. For some reason if your business is registered Down Under you can only target a handful of countries.

Anyway I need to fix my website and I'm looking for youtube videos as we speak to show me the best converting website blueprint.

Anyways this has been a bit of a journal entry for me.

But please do chime in with some analysis or some affirmations.

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