Should I hire a Project Manager as a Non-Tech Founder?

Should I hire a PM, or learn how to do this myself so I can better manage the project? I feel like everytime I hire a PM I lose control of the project and they never teach me anything and I am completely at their mercy. Every time I hire a new PM the project takes a completely different turn. I feel like the site would have more stability if I learned how to PM myself.

Do I really need a PM if I only have a part-time team of a DEV, UI/UX, and QA?

Here’s my background/story for reference:

  • I run a small website that produces and sells content (books, courses, etc.) and sells high-value services (priced from $10k-$100k+).
  • The site is in WordPress with about 30-40 templates. I'd like to continue to add more products and services and continue to do user testing.
  • My core competencies are marketing and content production — I launched a podcast last year (did about 30 episodes so far), wrote 1,000 pages of content, and wrote 5 books. I LOVE creating content and I’m naturally good at it. This is my real strength. But the bottleneck is the website. It's super slow now and filled with lots of bugs.
  • I like being a product owner for my website but I don’t like being the PM because I lack the technical skills to make sure the work is being done correctly. I also have no idea how to judge how long something should take. But I like doing user testing with clients and fulfilling the role of product owner.

Should I learn how to manage the development myself? I already have a basic knowledge of PM skills (lean development, getting feedback, SCRUM, etc.) but I lack the technical skills to know when a developer is bullshitting me.

I have also tried an agency but I have been disappointed because of the lack of collaboration.

What do you think?

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