Shopify suspended my payment gateway . other ways to get paid?

They said I was violating the TOS by selling gift cards from my store and running a shipping forwarding service. I don't have have a shipping service tho( I kinda wish I did). Buyers make a request what to do buy, they buy gift cards ,I buy, send them the items. My Instagram has a proof of all the products I've sold(I don't upload on shopify) Has anybody had the same problem??

I've replied to them to ask for clarification and which ones violate the TOS so I can remove them. But it'll probably take 3 business days for them to reply. I'm actually on a staff account so my account is free (my brother's gf works there). I've also contacted her and she said she's surprised that they suspended the payment gateway and she said normally gift cards are allowed. I prefer the Shopify gateway because it's only +2% +0 per transaction on staff accounts.

I'd like to know what my options are if they decide against my favour. What are good ,affordable payment gateways that can be integrated with a store? My business is small, so the smaller the fees for me and my buyers, the better .

I've looked into it seems like it costs 2500 yen a month which is good… Anyone else tried it?

I have PayPal but I am not accepting PayPal for new buyers as it's very scammer friendly(had one scammer already).

I also have Wise but Wise is hard to use for some people. The search bar appears only depending on the device you're using ( I have two different phones and the search bar appears on one and nonexistent on the other!)

I have Payoneer (for eBay) but I haven't really used it..

Sorry if this isn't allowed.Will remove if

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