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Hi all.

I legitimized my business in February and am bootstrapping everything myself so I can be as debt-free as possible. My inventory is a bit limited and I have made a fair amount of sales for being a new online business, but I haven't snagged any sales from someone I DON'T personally know.

I have ran some ad campaigns on facebook & insta, and found that the majority of interest is based in California and New York and the 50+ crowd. I get an okay amount of clicks, but no conversions.

I know I need to work on my SEOs, as it's time consuming and new for me… but is there something else I am missing?

I sell vetted dog goods & gifts for their people and a portion of proceeds is kicked back to local animal welfare groups. I am a grown woman, obsessed with dogs. Ultimately I love what I am doing, but I am still working part time at someone else's company until I can scale enough to make what I am making there at my own business. So far overhead is just product, shipping materials, website & I do all of the work myself so if patience is the key, I can be just that.

Can I please have feedback on my site. Is it simple to navigate? Too many pages, not enough?

Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

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