Advice for first Time E-Commerce Venture – Best Developer for Multi-Vendor E-commerce site and Mobile App

Hi Reddit,

First time post here, appreciate any advice / time anyone can share. I’m looking into different developer option with regards to setting up a Multi-Vendor E-commerce site (ideally they can create a mobile app for android and iOS as well).

I was referred to CS Cart and some of their competitors but wanted to get a POV from anyone whose familiar with options to develop similar platforms.

For context, I’m looking to build a Multi-Vendor E-commerce site to connect recreational brick and mortar businesses in my area with buy now pay later solutions (Klarna, etc.). My goal is to setup an E-commerce site that can host multiple vendors (their inventory, services and support) and facilitate payment processing and connect with the aforementioned buy now pay later technology solutions.

Apologies for the long post and any misnomers on my end and appreciate any help / advice!

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