Started a project supporting Korean local crafters & craftsmanship – Having trouble with paid ad conversion

Hey guys, we are couple of average Korean dudes trying to support local crafters by spreading Korean traditional craftsmanship. (As our first project, we are working with Korean mother-of-pearl Najeon-Chilgi master crafter Lee Young Oak) Sadly, majority of the local workshops went out of business due to the long absence of tourists & foreign clients.

Traction so far 1. $7200 sales From January to March 2. Instagram growth to 7.9k by the help of 900k+ Korean Tiktoker

Current Problem 1. FB ads metrics not recording properly + CTR average 3.5~5% but extremely difficult to convert (Spent $1500 with only $310 Purchase) 2. Have no idea which platform to run paid ads (Since our product is such niche/unheard product, we are not sure about Google ad either)

Bottom Line 1. Lost 1.5k – after reinvesting back to the brand and spending $1.5k+ on a mediocre facebook manager who didn’t get a single sale (Our DIY campaign performed better…) 2. Paused all ads – zero paid ads running 3. Paused posting on Instagram, Tiktok until we find a new direction

We really want to continue helping the local crafters and make this work, but in business point of view we don’t have much option. Would really appreciate if we can get any feedback/advice on paid-ad strategies, site, online presence, anything…🙏

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