Looking for stories and hints on: “how to start an e-com with 1 product on a low budget and still make it”.

Hey guys, I'm starting a fitness apparel e-com (yes I know it's oversaturated) and I was thinking to develop it creating a community around it on socials. The aim is to tell people my story hopefully to relate with as many folks as possible.
I really want to create a strong community around the brand, but I could only invest a small budget on it since I'm broke, and that's why I'm starting with a single t-shirt model atm.
I bet everything mostly on "telling my story on socials", "custom measured product", "good looking packaging" and last but not least the "I'm italian" feature just to add some spice in it.

So I was wondering if anyone out here did it and if he's willing to share his story and/or some hints about it, that would be really much appreciated.

Btw the main obstacles I'll be facing are:
1. shipping prices: definitely too high for the US
2. language: even tho we all speak english a bit, in Europe we mostly speak different languages.

Thank you!

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